Smart Swim Trainer


$67.99 $114.99

Our upgraded Sturdy Safety lock and Harness System ensures your baby doesn't slip when they are vigorously paddling. Our Thickly padded adjustable crotch & chest strap together with our Double Safety Clasp provides extra security by supporting their legs, preventing them from slipping out or flipping forward.


This baby swim trainer is lightweight and very portable. You can take this to the beach, the pool, the tub, etc. Great to use in a bathtub to get your baby comfortable and confident in water before entering the pool.


Do NOT use this as a lifesaving device.
Use it under parents' supervision at all times.
Please do not remove the plastic cover inside the float



  • Upgraded safety buckle instead of easy fall-off button.Upgraded buckles and straps to avoid slipping.
  • Upgraded into 2 swim ways: breaststroke and backstroke.
  • Non-inflate  - no leakage risk, easier use and more secure.
  • Two material selection: cloth in soft; skin leather in soft, smooth, easier clean,more beautiful.
  • Tested by European standards Suitable for 0-2-3-5-6 baby



Design 1:

No need to inflate Baby swimming classic climb float

Suitable for 3 months - 24 months baby, 6-18kg Breathable 3D cover


Design 2:

No need to inflate Baby upgrade swimming climb float Five-point protection buckle

Suitable for babies from 4 months to 4 years old, 6-18kg

Breathable 3D cover

upgrade design :Five-point protection buckle


Design 3:

No need to inflate baby swimming climb float

Suitable for babies from 4 months to 4 years old, 6-18kg

Waterproof cover

upgrade design :Waterproof cover + Five-point protection buckle


Design 4:

No need to inflate Baby swimming underarm float

Suitable for babies 2 years old - 5 years old, 12-28kg

Breathable 3D cover

The wings are detachable to allow the baby to learn to swim gradually.


Design 5:

Armpit flaot Suitable for babies from 8 months to 3 years old.

3D cover